What is Fisher Investments?

How is Fisher Investments' Private Client Group Service Different from Other Providers?

  • Fisher Investments believes in having a direct relationship with clients. We do not buy or sell third-party “products”, wrap programs or annuities. Furthermore, we service clients directly, not through brokers, financial planners or other intermediaries.
  • Fisher Investments does not specialize in any particular investment product or category. We actively manage your portfolio based on your needs, our forecast and opportunities we see in the market.
  • We manage global equity, fixed income and blended portfolios.

How Does the Investment Process Work?

  • Our investment process begins with a review of your personal needs, which may include the following: investment objectives, net worth, time horizon, tax considerations, income outlook, liquidity needs, estate issues, and restrictions—among other things.
  • We then offer you a benchmark and asset allocation recommendation which provides the framework for how your portfolio will be invested. Once you agree to this recommendation, we build, implement, and manage your portfolio based on the recommendation and our market outlook.
  • Fisher Investments educates clients along the way through a series of written communications, client programs, and regular contact from a dedicated Investment Counselor.

What is Fisher Investments Groups?

  • Fisher Investments periodically selects a specific topic for group discussion among its editorial staff. Please click here for our current dialogue on investment books.
  • Learn more about investment books from Fisher Investments Press.

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